This past week at the Alaska Society for Education (ASTE) conference in Anchorage, I met a whole lot of great people with interesting ideas about education. Two of those people were Nicole Fuerst and Matthew Turner, who collaborated on a set of presentations at ASTE exhibiting their experience with and the promise in using badges and gamification for K-12 education. Their practice, as well as their proposals, were grounded in the works of Sebastian Deterding and Richard Bartle, both of whom come up in the podcast.

A rendering of Richard Bartle’s 4 player types from The Transmedia Storyteller Blog.


Community Member Teacher's badge

A snapshot of my “Community Member” Teacher’s badge.



– Earth. “Omens and Portents I: The Driver.” The Bees Make Honey in the Lion’s Skull. Southern Lord Records, 2008.

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Chris was a teacher before he became an instructional designer, and since he was a child he’s studied the craft of communication through story. Though his specialty is English, Chris is fascinated with all languages: verbal and nonverbal, binary and intuitive, mathematical and cultural. In his free time he studies the effect of technological innovation on the fundamentals of narrative; narrative, he believes (while admitting his bias), is the fundamental structure of knowledge.

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